Small Group Training:
Should I Lead a Group?

Bonnie had never lead a small group of people in anything before. She was in her mid-sixties and had a desire to serve God in ministry, but had not had any encouragement in the past. We invited her to one of our groups and in just a little while she began to feel that she was being called to minister among the people in her mobile home park.

We began to train her on how to conduct a Bible study and fellowship group. She was already using the Daily God Walk in her personal devotions so we trained her in how to use that tool to lead others in devotions and Bible study.

It wasn't long until Bonnie had 5-6 people in her living room on Tuesday afternoons exploring Scripture and praying together. The people who came were not church members. In fact, they didn't attend church at all. They were people in her mobile home park who were interested in learning more about the Bible.

There are only a few prerequisites for leading a small group Bible study.

The first is you must have a desire to minister to people and your desire must me genuine. If you just desire to have a group gather for fellowship, that's OK, but that is not the kind of small group we're talking about. But, if God has given you a desire to minister to people then gathering a few people to study the Bible together and have fellowship is a good place to start.

A question to ask yourself before you begin is, "Do I make friends easily?" If you do, that is a great plus, if you don't, you may have a tough time getting people to participate. I have found that some people are very good at leading a group and others are very good participants in a group. You will have decide where you fit in.

We encourage people to use the Daily God Walk devotional to give their small group a focus for studying scripture. This devotional is also published with a study guide edition which is really helpful for personal study as well as a guide for leading groups.

For more information on the Daily God Walk CLICK HERE

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