God Walk - A Journey of Recovery

Are you still struggling with recovery from drug or alcohol addiction? If you are we have some material that can help. 

Recovery is the focus of God Walk - A Journey of Faith. The following are the first three paragraphs of the book:

"There are three parts to this book. The first part is “Realizing Where You Are” and is about discovering your condition. The second part is “Cleaning Out The Well” and is about what you do when you discover your condition. The third part is “Keeping The Well Clean” and is about how to maintain the freedom you have found in your walk of faith.

Most of us have concluded that life is one long journey. As with any journey there must be a starting point and a destination. Sometimes we will use a map to help reach our destination and sometimes we will just rely upon landmarks along the way to guide us. There have been times for most of us when we thought we knew where we were in relation to where we were going and discovered down the road that we had been going the wrong direction. That also happens in the journey of life.

It seems that all of us are in the process of trying to find ourselves and figure out how we fit into the greater scheme of things as we make this journey."

We have found that many people struggle with behaviors in their life which have a negative effect on their spirituality, their relationships and even in their health. At some point most of us get to the place where we are ready to do whatever it takes to change. That's where I was in February 1982.

I was a pastor with a secret sin that was affecting my life. I had tried everything to be free from this sin, but nothing worked. I prayed and fasted, but nothing affected my tendency to indulge this sin.

Then, finally, one night I had reached my bottom. I told my wife about my sin, the first person in the entire world that I had ever told. That was the beginning of my journey of recovery.

Everything written in the God Walk - A Journey of faith has grown out of my experience of gaining freedom and the experience of others I have worked with over the past 20 plus years.

Read my story in the introduction to the book. JUST CLICK HERE

It is the goal of the God Walk material to support you in your decision to be an overcommer.

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