Recovery Bible Study Lessons

Are you looking for something that will give you hope for the future? These Recovery Bible study lessons are for you.

Has your life, or the life of someone you love been affected by undesirable behavior?

Then the God-Walk A Journey of Faith materials may be what you are looking for.

Many years ago I was battling a recurring behavior that was affecting my family and my relationship with God. I had tried everything to be free of this behavior. I had prayed and fasted many times, but I kept going back to the same thing time and time again.

Then something happened inside of me. I finally thought, "Enough is enough" and I purposed to overcome this behavior regardless of what it cost me. I have learned since that I had reached my bottom. It was when I was at this low ebb of my life, my bottom if you will, that I discovered the principles of recovery and restoration that have formed the basis for the God Walk - A Journey of Faith program.

On this site you will be able to access lessons which teach the principles that I learned which have freed me from my recurring sin. Through Bible study, prayer and applying these principles I have lived free of this behavior for many years.

We have designed a series of short lessons we call God Walk Mini Lessons. To learn more about receiving these five short lessons just click on the link below.

In the first lesson I talk about my own restoration from a behavior that was affecting my marriage and other relationships. I was involved in a recurring behavior (sin) that was a secret known only to me and God and this first lesson tells the story of my first steps to restoration.

Click on the link below to get more information on how you can receive 5 short lessons on restoration at absolutely no cost to you.


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Take the First Step in Recovering 
Control of Your Life

Step one in the 12 steps is more than just another "Oh well, I guess I'll try this to see if it works." Step one comes with an awakening in our psyche - it is when we finally say, "I can't do this alone."

How close are you to taking that step? Are you ready to start exploring the some ideas that will help you recover control of your life?

There is no better time than right now to take your first step. 

Fill in the form above titled, "Register for the five free lessons" and you will have started a journey that you will never regret - so do it now; register to receive the five free lessons.

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