The Pure Leverage Opportunity

I'm not big on a marketing opportunity which sells an over priced product with the promise of getting you to sell it to your family and friends so you can make money off of them. That just turns me off.

That's why I had a hard time even considering an opportunity like Pure Leverage, but the more I looked at it the more I realized that it is not only a great suite of marketing tools but it is also a very good opportunity for establishing a network of like-minded people.

This suite of tools would actually cost in the neighborhood of $200 plus per month if each tool was bought separately. If fact, just one tool, the auto-responder, with the potential to handle a list of 10,000 would alone cost well over twice the cost of Pure Leverage.

What You Get With Pure Leverage

I'm going to be completely up front with you about Pure Leverage.  To start there are six tools necessary for an internet business:

  • An Authority Blog: A powerful blog which enables you to establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • An Autoresponder: If you don't know that is a tool which keeps track of your lists and allows you to email an entire list at once with follow-up emails automatically. You can have up to 10,000 in your autoresponder.
  • Video Emails: This is powerful. You can, with just a very little effort, send an email with a video you have made or a video that is already made, to an entire list of people, or to just one person.
  • Video Conferencing: You can host up to 100 people in a video conference. You can share a power point presentation, a pre-made video, or just use the opportunity to teach a lesson. Attendees to the conference communicate with you, ask you questions and make comments, as the conference progresses. You can use this tool as often as you choose.
  • Lead Capture System: Pure Leverage will help you build your business by providing tools to help you convert visitors to your website to prospects and ultimately customers.
  • Weekly Training Webinars: Every week there is a training session on how to use this suite of tools to promote and market your business. Also these training sessions are archived so you can visit any you have missed and revisit those you want to understand better.

There is more, but you are getting the picture that the staff at Pure Leverage are committed to helping you be successful in your business.

What Does Pure Leverage Cost Me?

Now the big question: How much does all of this cost? I won't keep you in suspense and I won't require you to "Click Here" to find out. Here is the price for this incredible suite of marketing tools:

$24.95 a month. No set up fees. No one time getting started fees. Just $24.95 a month.

If you would like to learn more about these tools Just Click Here

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