Take A Knee In Prayer 30 Day Challenge

I was recently moved by the story a man who was challenged to "Take A Knee In Prayer" everyday for 30 days. This man had been struggling in his faith walk. He was trying to overcome undesirable behaviors which had become habitual and were affecting his faith walk.

The Challenge was to simply take a knee in prayer every day. Just that simple. We are told that if we will do something for at least 21 days in a row it will become a habit so if we practice taking a knee in prayer for 30 days we should be well on our way to making it a life-habit.

When I heard this challenge an idea sparked in my head and went to my heart. Let's start a 30 Day Take A Knee Challenge. As I have prayed and meditated on the idea over the last few days I have become convinced that this is something which needs to be done. So, here it is - the 30 Day Take A Knee Prayer Challenge.

When you respond to this challenge you are committing to:
1. Bend your knee in prayer every day. It doesn't have to be a long prayer, especially in the beginning.

2. Invite 5 friends to join you in the challenge. If you can't think of 5 friends who would accept the challenge then ask those friends you can think of.

When you register that you have accepted the challenge you will be sent a 31 Day devotional on prayer. Each day there is a Scripture verse, a few paragraphs of inspiration and a short prayer. 

Why a 31 day devotional for a 30 day challenge? It is our hope that you won't stop bending your knee in prayer after the 30 days but that you will establish a pattern daily prayer.

To register that you are joining the challenge, and to get your free devotional on prayer, just fill in the form below with your name and email address then click on the button that says "'I'm Joining"

How Important is Daily Prayer to You?

I have known many people who felt stagnant in their faith walk and when questioned about their prayer life they would indicate that they just never caught on to private prayer. In fact, the only time they really prayed was at church and at mealtime. 

How about you? Have you found it difficult to pray daily? 

I would encourage you to look into the Take A Knee In Prayer 30 Day Challenge.

When you join the 30 day challenge you will be given a complimentary book of 31 devotions on prayer. You can get an idea how these devotions look by going to www.take-a-knee.org/daily-tak-message.

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