Paradigms for Successful Living
(Patterns for Success)

The Following is excerpted from the book, "Paradigms for Successful Living:"

   I was talking to a person the other day and noticed that when they looked directly at me their eyes closed. As they talked they looked around, but when they were facing me their eyes closed. I have seen this in others. Actually, it is something that happens and the people who are doing it aren’t even aware of it happening.

   It is a pattern that they established at some point and it has become automatic. Why did they start doing it? Who knows. I’m sure a psychologist could come up with some good answers. I suppose there is some cause behind the behavior. Perhaps there was a time when this person was in a situation where he was not allowed to make eye contact with a person in authority and that produced an automatic aversion to looking someone in the eye.

   Whatever the cause, the pattern was there. Can this person change this pattern? Yes, but it will take some work. Is changing the pattern worth the effort? That is a question that can only be answered by the person who displays the behavior.

   The point here is that we all have patterns in our life that have been established in response to our environment, the circumstances of our lives, or because of a job that needed to be done.

   Most of us have certain patterns we follow in washing ourselves in the shower, or when we look into the mirror to prepare our face for the day. When I shave I follow a certain pattern. If something upsets my rhythm and my pattern gets off I feel all out of sorts until I realize what is wrong and correct it. I have actually started shaving, realized I was out of rhythm, stopped, washed by face and started over.

   Patterns are powerful in our lives. Many of us have established patterns just as a course of life and haven’t even given much thought to why we are doing certain things the way we do them. Usually, we began doing something as a convenience, or out of necessity. Some times it was a survival technique we developed.

   There is the story of the young couple who had recently married and the wife had a peculiar way of preparing a roast. She would first lay the roast out on the counter and then cut about two inches off the end of it. She would throw away the piece she cut off, put the rest of the roast in the pan, and cook it.

   One day the husband asked why she did it that way. She said that was the way her mother taught her. He asked why it was done that way and she replied that it was just the right way to do it.

   He wasn’t satisfied so he went to his mother-in-law to find out why she prepared a roast that way. Her answer was the same. Her mother had done it that way. His curiosity was increased so he went to the grandmother. Her answer surprised him.

   When he asked her why they prepared the roast that way she laughed and said, “Are they still doing that? When I first started cooking I just had one pan and the roast wouldn’t fit so I would cut the end off to make it fit in the pan.”

   Patterns. We all have them in our lives. Some patterns have good common sense basis and others should have been changed long ago. Some of the patterns we have established have been good for us and some have been unproductive, or even destructive.

   In Philippians 4 Apostle Paul teaches about establishing patterns in our lives that will produce a wonderful result. In this passage he gives us instructions on how to live a faith filled life in every circumstance. He shows that righteous rejoicing coupled with righteous thinking produces a righteous (or faith) attitude. He then shows that godly contentment produces the kind of expectation that opens the windows of God’s great provision.

   If you will commit to establishing these new patterns in your life you will begin to see the riches of God’s glory released for you. This booklet is about changing your life through establishing new paradigms.

If Your Curiosity is stirred, find out below how you can get a copy of the book, "Paradigms for Successful Living - Patterns for Success"

   This 38 page booklet is filled with thoughtful, insight filled, content. It explores the message Apostle Paul was presenting to the church at Philippi teaching them the principles of godly success. Some of the topic headings are:

  • Righteous Rejoicing Produces Peace
  • Practicing Right Thinking Produces God's Presence
  • Godly Contentment Produces A "Can Do" Attitude
  • Faithful Living and Faithful Giving Produces God's Provision

   We are exploring Philippians chapter four in this booklet and you will be blessed by the insights and wisdom for your daily walk that you find there.


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