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Earn Extra Income:
This is not a get rich quick scheme

These pages talk about how to earn extra income while doing the work of God. It is not about how to get rich.

There are enough scam artists out there trying to get you to buy their latest gimmick that promises to produce $100's, even $1000's of dollars every day. I promise that I will never try to scam you in that way or any other way.

The purpose of these pages is to provide information, most of which I learned the hard way, that will help you earn extra income.

I have been in ministry since I was a teenager and it seems that I have always needed to earn a few extra dollars to make ends meet.

There were a lot of jobs I could have gotten that provided a good income, but they were careers outside the ministry and I wanted to to put the bulk of my time and energy into the work of God.

That's why I have had so many different part-time, and occassionally, full time, jobs as well as businesses. It has always been ministry first then do what I could do to put bread on the table.

Now, if you are pastor of a mega-church, you probably don't need to hear what I have to say, but please don't laugh at those of us whose gift-set has not opened the door for us to run a mega-church business.

Over time I'll write about the many things I have done to earn an income. I'll talk about how I make money now writing a devotional, and how I got started in the carpet cleaning business in the 1970's. You will read about the things I've sold, and I'll tell about how I made money buying books.

Stay in touch because at least once a week I'll be writing about how you can earn extra money.

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