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Earn Extra Income: 
"If" Factors For Effective Marketing

Earn Extra Income: "If" Factors For Effective Marketing  

 Remember the old adage, "Build a better mouse trap and the world  will come to your door"? That was true when marketing involved telling others in your village about your product. Today there are many "If" factors which affect whether someone responds to the message of your product/service and how they respond.

Today we are giving an overview of 6 of these "If" factors. In later posts we will explore each of them individually. Our hope is that these posts will help you learn how to earn extra income in your business and or ministry.

The "If" Factors to Earn Extra Income Marketing
Your Product or Service:

1.      If your product/service answers a perceived need of the prospective customer...

2.      If your product/service actually is better,...

3.      If it will save time and/or money for the consumer,...

4.      If the consumer knows about your product/service...

5.      If your product/service is easy to find,...

6.      If your product/service matches the consumers perceived value or "price-point"...


When you can answer these "Ifs" positively then you may have a chance of converting a shopper into a prospect and eventually into a customer.

Let's look at each of these factors which
affect how you earn extra income:

  • Does your product/service answer a perceived need of the prospective customer? The number one question that needs to be answered is this: Does anyone need my product/service? And the second question is, "How does my product/service answer their need? If those two questions cannot be answered effectively they take it back to the drawing board and work on it until it does. 
  • Is your product actually better? We are all on information overload and you must expect your prospective customer to be on overload as well. That is why you must be able to show, in as few words as possible, how your product will benefit the consumer and why it is better than your competition. 

  • Will your product save time and/or money for the consumer? If your product doesn't make the consumers load lighter, and if it is not more economical to use than your competitor, then you will have a very difficult time of capturing the attention of the potential customer. 
  • If the consumer doesn't know about your product/service, how can they become your customer? Most of us don't live in small rural villages anymore. Often even our neighbor doesn't know our name. Phrases like "global village" and "global economy" have invaded our vocabulary. Ask yourself how you will get the message of your product/service to the consumer in this day of global everything?
  • How easy is it for the consumer to find your product or service? We are past the day of the local yellow pages. When people want to find something today they just Google it (incidentally, 25 years ago Google wasn't even a word). How will they find you if when they Google your product/service and they get 1,000,000 responses?
  • Does your product/service match the consumers perceived value price-point? Pricing is dicey. If the price is too high then the consumer may settle for another product that is inferior because the other product matches their perceived value price-point. If the price is too low they think it must not be have the value you claim it has and they may wind up buying a less effective product because the price matches their perceived value price-point. 

As we go along on these posts we will explore each of these "If" factors in depth and hopefully we'll be able to answer your questions about how you can earn extra income.

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