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I accepted the Body biVi Diet Challenge the other day. Actually, I am officially starting today, November 11, 2013. Having been on most of the diets out there in the past and loosing hundreds of pounds over the years (of course, after loosing 20 I would gain 25, you know how that is) I was interested but skeptical. I knew I could loose weight, I’ve proven that, but my biggest challenge was in keeping it off.

So, as I considered this new diet challenge I knew that I would have to do something different. The thing that really caught my attention was the challenge itself. Would I be willing to commit to a 90 day diet challenge? I mean, would I stick with it. 90 days is a long time.

As I pondered these things I remembered something I discovered a few years ago. I looked at one of the most successful diet programs on the planet and tried to figure out what made them so successful. I discovered that there are five factors that work together to make them a success.

5 Factors of a Successful Diet Challenge:

First, there is an experienced teacher, someone who has been successful with the diet who leads groups of others who are committed to the diet. The teachers knows what they are talking about because they have themselves been successful with the program.

Second, the program itself has been proven to be good and effective. When the program is followed, and it is not that difficult, the results are there. Over the years tons and tons of unwanted weight has been lost by countless numbers of people.

The third factor is camaraderie. There is a certain synergy that is released when two or more people come together for a common purpose. I’ve experienced in college, in seminars, in church and in many other places. When people have come together for a common purpose and share at least that part of their life which deals with that common purpose there is an energy released among them that is not found when someone tries to go it alone.

The fourth factor is accountability. In this particular diet program the partiipants meet once a week and one of the things they do is weigh in. I tend to be careful about what I eat when I know that at the end of the week someone else is going to be looking at the scale. That is accountability.

And finally, the fifth factor is responsibility. Each member of the group attends a weekly meeting and pays for the privilege of being motivated to stay with the program. Yes, there is a weekly fee for the privilege of participating in their program plus you pay for any of their products you use.

So there you have it. Five factors which make that program one of the most successful and enduring of all time. A good teacher, a good program, camaraderie, accountability and responsibility combine to make an effective weight loss system.

The B.I.G. Challenge Idea is Born

I had all of this in mind when I thought about the Body byVi program. Most of those five factors seem to be there. There is a teacher/motivator, a product proven to be effective, a real sense of camaraderie among participants, accountability and responsibility.

It didn’t take long for me to decide to accept the challenge, but being of the nature that I am, I felt there were a couple of things I could add. First a little bit about myself. I am a Christian minister. A lot of my ministry has been working with people who have deeply engrained issues that have affected their life in a negative way for many years.

I have had some success in helping to guide people into a more productive and successful life. In the process of learning how to move people from helpless and hopeless to hope filled productive citizens I learned that in order to become what they wanted to become they must become healthy in all three of the components which make us who we are: body, spirit and soul.

As I learned these things I began to develop materials to help guide people into wholeness.

Back to the Body byVi challenge. I realized that in order for the program to be effective for the long term this challenge had to deal with the body, soul and the spirit of a person.

That brings me to my decision to not only accept the challenge but to incorporate that into a much broader, yet simple, challenge. I call it “The B.I.G. Challenge.”

The B.I.G. part of the challenge is Blessed Intersect Group

Picture three interlinking circles. One is body, one is soul, one is spirit. There is a point where the three circles intersect. It is at that point that body, soul and spirit are joined in purpose. That is the intersect.

When a group of people gather to work on restoring health to their body, soul and spirit we call them a Blessed Intersect Group.

Here is where the B.I.G. Challenge originated. Because I realize the value of daily commitment I write a daily devotional called the Daily God Walk. Many have told how the DGW has affected their life. With that in mind I developed the B.I.G. Challenge around the idea of developing the body, soul and spirit of a person.

Have you been struggling with keeping yourself in shape? How has your attitude been lately? Can you use a little shaping up there? What about your relationship with our Lord? Can that use some spiffing up too? If your answer is yes to any of those questions, read on; I have answers for you.

The B.I.G.Diet Challenge includes the Body byVi Challenge, but it is so much more. You will complete a daily challenge, a weekly challenge and a 30 day challenge. When these are completed you will have finished a complete cycle of the 90 day challenge.

What do you do after the first 90 day challenge? You re-evaluate and structure the next challenge. The cycle is repeated every 90 days. How long will that last? Well, the goal is to establish lifestyle patterns that are made a permanent part of your life.

In our ministry we have a slogan which relates to that concept. We tell people that we are calling them to commit to the lifetime process of being reconciled to God, renewed in the Holy Spirit and restored to the person God intends them to be.

There is so much more to share but to start, explore the Body by Vi 90 Day Diet Challenge by clicking on this link:

Body by Vi 90 Day Diet Challenge


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