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Faithfulness - A Spiritual Virtue

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Faithfulness Is A Fruit Of The Spirit 

The fruit of the Spirit is… faithfulness… Against such there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires. – Galatians 5:22-23 

Steve was a good man, but he was also hooked on meth. He entered our program but he couldn’t stay clean of drugs so we discharged him. Our policy was that when we put a person out they could come back in 30 days.  Steve was put out four times. Then he became truly converted and began to live the Spirit life. That was many years ago and he is still faithful.

Faithfulness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. When we come to Christ the Holy Spirit is placed in us and as we learn to submit to his working in us we mature and begin to bear fruit. Our life may have been marked by wrong choices and inconsistencies, but when we yield to the work of the Holy Spirit in us he makes us faithful.

Many years ago as a young pastor my life was very inconsistent. I prayed little and spent very little time in God’s word. Once I was praying about the inconsistencies in my life and the Holy Spirit impressed upon me the need to have a daily devotional life. I struggled with it for a while then I began to be consistent with prayer and Bible reading every morning.

As I developed consistency in visiting with the Lord every morning I began to notice that the rest of my life was taking on a new order as well. Finally I could see the fruit of faithfulness being produced in my life.

Living in the Spirit produces faithfulness to God’s will for us. One of the things I have learned is that the Holy Spirit will only do in us what we allow him to do. If we are determined to live our way, he will let us, but he will have very little influence in our life.

The true test of our faithfulness is not in what we say we will do but in what we actually do in service to our Lord. Many have said, "I will go," but few have gone. 

Prayer:  Lord, it is not in my nature to be faithful to your way. I need the Holy Spirit working in me to produce the fruit of faithfulness. In Jesus name, amen. 

Principle: The fruit of faithfulness is produced when we have a daily devotion that includes prayer and the word of God.  

Affirmation: I know that the first test of my faithfulness is whether I have a daily devotional life that includes prayer and reading God's word. Therefore, I am committed to a daily time of devotion. 

Reflection: A daily time of devotion that includes God's word and prayer will draw us into a life in the Spirit. Think on how that will help you to be faithful in your faith walk.

Day by day we explore different passages of Scripture that give us insight into how we can have the virtue of faithfulness in our daily God walk. All together there are 31 days of devotions on the virtue of faithfulness. You won't want to miss one day of this devotional so we have made the entire book available to you for free. 

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