Devotional For The Month:
Gentleness... A Fruit of the Spirit

What does it mean to have a gentle spirit? This devotional will help you discover just how to have a gentle spirit.

Is gentleness synonymous with weakness? And, can a person be gentle and their gentleness not be a fruit of the Spirit? These questions and many others are both raised and answered in this full month of devotions.

Here is a sample from this Daily God Walk devotional, "Gently Restore a Fallen Brother:"

Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted.     – Galatians 6:1 

Years ago we were involved in a ministry that brought people off the streets and provided them with a safe place to live. We had some specific rules for people in the ministry and one of them was that if they were using drugs they would be put out of the program.

Some people would come back after a time and want to try again. Steve was one of those people. We put Steve out of the program four times, and he kept coming back in repentance. We would have been justified to turn him away after the second, or even the third time, but each time he came back he was accepted with a clean slate.

Finally, after being put out four times he got it. He has been faithfully serving the Lord now for over 12 years. If we had been harsh, or hateful to him, he would not be in the faith today. We do not have an option; when a brother has fallen we are mandated to gently restore him.

We have all known good people who have fallen. There are a number of well known ministers who have fallen and there are many more, lesser known folks, local folks, who are no longer in the faith. It hurts me to hear people talk about the fallen as if they were something less than what we are and they deserve whatever bad thing that comes to them.

It is a well worn phrase, but the truth is, “There we are except for the grace of God.” We must always remember that all of us are susceptible to sin for sin has no favorite people – sin is an equal opportunity destroyer.

Who do you know that has fallen prey to this vicious destroyer of the faithful? Search them out; go to them with love. Offer them the grace of God. Extend to them mercy and love with kindness and gently lead them to restoration. 

Prayer: Lord, too often I look at others through judging eyes. Help me to look at the fallen with compassion and love. In Jesus name, amen.

There are a total of 31 devotions on gentleness in this Daily God Walk Devotional. Some of the titles are:

  • Gentleness Is A Fruit Of The Spirit
  • A Gentle Answer Turns Away Wrath
  • The Power of Gentle Words
  • Gently Restore a Fallen Brother
  • And many more

By the time you finish this Daily God Walk book of devotions you will have a much better understanding of what it is to have a gentle spirit.

You and I have both known people who tried to be gentle, but they just didn't quite get it done. We have also known people who were gentle, but their gentleness was really based in their own insecurities and lack of self-worth.

These devotions explore gentleness as being a spiritual strength and they show us how to be gentle while maintaining strength.

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