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Devotional For The Month:
Knowledge - The Gateway to God 

Our devotional this month is about how knowledge is the gateway to God.

During the 31 days of this month we are exploring  knowledge as a gateway to God. Every day we look at another aspect of knowledge and knowing God.              

Do you have a desire to know the Lord Better? This month we explore ways of getting to know God better and developing an intimacy with him. Follow this devotional closely and you will grow closer to him.

Have you wondered just what God knows about you? You might be surprised that he knows more about you than you know yourself. We will explore what God knows about us in these devotions.

What does God know about us that we don't know about ourselves? Read the Daily God Walk for this month and find out.

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Some of our Devotions for the Month:

"Add To Your Faith Knowledge"In order to continually be effective in our faith we must establish the pattern of adding knowledge of God and his plan to our heart and mind. What can you do to make adding knowledge to your faith a reality in your life?

"We Know God Through His Spirit"The way to know God is very simple. First we must receive the knowledge of Christ. We must, by faith, commit ourselves to Christ. When we do that the Holy Spirit is released into us and we are then qualified to know God in a personal way.

"The Shepherd Knows Us and We Know Him"We, as sheep, follow our shepherd because we know his voice and we can trust him to protect us from those who would destroy us.

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