Devotional for Today:
There is Comfort After the Trial

Daily God Walk Devotional:

Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him. – Matthew 4:11

 The devil was done. He was defeated. He had thrown everything at Jesus that he could imagine; he appealed to his fleshly appetite, he appealed to his ego, he appealed to his greed, and in all of this he failed. There was nothing left for him to do so he departed.

These past few days we have seen the value of being prepared for the trials that would come. We have also seen that the word of the Lord is a powerful tool to be used in spiritual warfare. The enemy of our soul cannot stand up against the word of the Lord.

We have also seen how that Satan will twist the word of God to fit his purposes. We must be aware of that and become so familiar with the word ourselves that we will be able to recognize the devil’s deception.

For the first time I noticed something interesting in the verse of our text for today. It is this: Satan tempted the humanity of Christ attempting to get Jesus to serve him, but when Christ was victorious the Father sent angels to minister to his needs. Can you see the contrast there?

Satan came to “rob, kill and destroy” (John 10:10), but the purpose of God is to give life abundantly. Temptation comes from the evil one but comfort and strength come from the Holy One.

All of us are going to go through times of trial and we may be tempted to take a shortcut and compromise our convictions just to get free from the pressure, but don’t do it; that is a trap. Satan would like nothing better than to bless us with guilt when he has seduced us into compromise. He would love to convince us that the journey is too difficult and we’ll never make it.

The hope we have is that when the trial is over God will send ministering spirits to attend to our needs. The Holy Spirit will be our comfort and we will have peace. The message to us today is be prepared, endure the trial, and God will reward you with abundant life.


Prayer: Lord, resisting temptation is work. Grant me the wisdom to trust your word for victory and the grace to stand firm. In Jesus name.

Principle: Satan will twist the word of God to fit his purposes. We must be aware of that and become so familiar with the word ourselves that we will be able to recognize the devil’s deception.


Affirmation: I am consistently looking into the Word of God so that I am familiar with its truth and so I won't be deceived by Satan twisting it to fit his purposes.


Reflection: There are two points to ponder in this devotion. The first is Satan will continue to pressure us to compromise offering us relieve from the pressure if we do. The second is when we have endured God will send angels to minister to us and we will be victorious over the enemy.

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