Daily Devotional for March, 2013

Daily God Walk - A Daily Devotional for  2013


   The Daily God Walk theme for 2013 is Virtues of the Christian Life. Each month features a virtue of the Christian life taken from Galatians 5:22-23 and 2 Peter 1:5-7. Between these two passages there are 11 virtues that every believer should develop.

For the month of December this year the theme is “The King and His Kingdom.” We are looking forward to a wonderful year of inspiration and deepening our walk in the Spirit.




Daily God Walk for March 2013

The Virtue of Peace in the Christian Life


   Throughout this month of daily devotions we are exploring the virtue of peace. Peace with God, peace within ourselves, and peace with others. The world cries for peace but it cannot be found in the places where they look.

   True peace comes from being in right relationship with God, ourselves and others. We can only have that through an intimate relationship with Jesus the Christ.

   Some of our daily devotion titles for this month are:

Peace Is A Fruit Of The Spirit;  It seems like everyone in the world is calling for peace. Politically those in leadership justify almost everything they do as attempting to bring peace. Whether it is peace between countries, peace within countries, peace in local communities, peace in the workplace, or peace in relationships; we all want peace.

Peace Beyond Human Understanding; A characteristic of anxiety is that it disturbs our peace. A paradox that most of us face is that we pray for peace then become anxious over the circumstances of our life. It appears that Paul, in this passage, is giving us a formula for sustained peace in the time of potentially disturbing circumstances.

Trust Produces Peace And Spiritual Power; A book could be written from all of the truth that is found in this one verse. First there is the “God of hope.” What a concept. When we gain knowledge about God, who he is and what he can do, hope grows up in our heart. Then we begin to put that hope to the test and discover that the Lord can be trusted. It is when trust is developed that our relationship with him really grows.

Peace Comes From A Quiet Inner Self; Before anyone gets too excited about how this passage is applied let me assure you that I am well aware that Paul was primarily addressing women, but the principles are the same whether we’re talking about men or women.

Peace That Overcomes The World; Jesus spoke of hard truths that most could not accept. The concept of turning the other cheek did not sit well with people who for two millennium had lived with the concept of “an eye for an eye.”

   31 times in this daily devotional we explore some aspect of peace as a virtue of the Christian walk. It is our hope that these devotions will inspire you in your journey of faith and motivate you to deepen your relationship God as a Christ Follower.

   Get a sample of the Daily God Walk Here: Sample of Daily Devotional


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