"If" Questions to Ask Yourself to Have Church Growth
Question # 1

If Question # 1

Your church growth is affected by how you can answer this quesion:

Ask yourself If your ministry answers a perceived need of people in your community.

We all know people need Jesus, but is that a perceived need people have in your community? Probably not. The majority of the people in your community probably feel they need: more money; job security; health care; good schools; and much more.

Here is the big question: What is your ministry doing to assess the perceived needs of your community and what are you doing to meet those needs?

How would you know what are the perceived
needs of your community?
Your church growth depends on you knowing this

How would you know what are the perceived needs of your community? 

ü  You can attend city council meetings and/or county supervisor meetings and keep up with the topics that are discussed.

ü  Do a survey of people in your community that asks questions like, "What do you see as the most important issues in our community that affects your family?" Or maybe a question like, "If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be?"

ü  In our community there are many families who need ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. One ministry I know started a Wednesday evening ESL class and enough young families were coming that they had to start a program for children at the same time as the ESL class so the parents wouldn't have to hire a baby sitter.

ü  Another ministry I know has an after school program which grew into an evening program with parents attending an "adult interest" class while the children were in a program designed for them.

ü  Another ministry I know budgeted a considerable amount of money for a food give-away program. There was a prayer table offered for those who wanted prayer and many participated. It was noticed that quite a few of those who came for food had drug and alcohol issues so they started a 12 step type program in the evening. That ministry grew to be the largest group in the church meeting outside of Sunday morning. They would have as many as 180 people attend, sitting in groups of 8-12 each group moving through the program at their own pace.

The Big Question For You To Have Church Growth:

Your Church Growth Question For Toady: What is your ministry doing to assess the perceived needs of your community and what are you doing, or are willing to do to meet those needs?

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