I Need Encouragement

Sometimes I just need encouragement. How about you?

I recently attended a concert by Chuck Girard. You don’t remember Chuck? Chuck is an icon of early contemporary Christian music. He led what was arguably the first well known “Hippy” Christian band called “Love Song.”

Back to my point. While I was at his recent concert I was reminded of his song Allelujia, “Sometimes Allelujia, Sometimes praise the Lord.”

As I was thinking about that today I didn’t feel like singing Allelujia or praise the Lord. I felt like singing “woe is me.” I felt like this is one of those days that I need encouragement.

Have you had days like that? You know what I mean. Some mornings you wake up saying, “Good morning Lord,” and other days you wake up saying, “Good Lord it’s morning!”

When I have one of those “good Lord it’s morning” days I realize I have a choice. I can be in a funk all day long or I can do something to get out of it. I lay those two choices before you today.

If you are having one of those days realize you have a choice. Now, if you choose to remain in a funk and let your mood for the day stay in the toilet then put on some soulful music, you know the kind, “the somebody done somebody wrong song” kind, and sit around moaning about how bad it is. If you’re lucky you can drag yourself into being in a funk that you can stretch out for two or three days.

Of course, there is another choice. You can choose to do something about your funk. To do something about it you first have to get out of bed. Then, for me, it’s go to the coffee pot, grind some beans, and brew some fresh joe.

My next step is to pick up a copy of “Hope and Promises From the Word of God.” This little booklet is full of encouraging words. There are over 100 affirming statements backed up by scripture and each one is a statement about how God sees us.

Hope and Promises begins with these 10 choices:

Lord, I -here and now- take my stand of faith in You and say that:
1. I choose Jesus Christ as my God (He is Almighty, Creator and Ruler)
2. I choose Jesus Christ as my Savior (He died on the Cross for me)
3. I choose Jesus Christ as my Best Friend. (He Eternally Loves me and Accepts me)
4. I choose Jesus Christ as the most important Person in my life (Only He can give real meaning to my life)
5. I choose Jesus Christ as my Lord (to command and control my life)
6. I choose Jesus Christ as my Eternal Teacher (He knows Everything )
7. I choose Jesus Christ as my Only Guide (Only He is Trustworthy)
8. I choose my position in Christ (He has made of me a Child of God)
9. I choose to be Free in Christ (I am under no restriction to be saved)
10. I choose Victory in Christ (I can do all things He wants me to do)

What follows in the book is 18 affirmations with scripture. Here are a few of them:
I am his most wonderful creation – Ephesians 2:10, Psalm 139:13-14
I am a living temple of God – 1 Corinthians 3:16
I am a partaker of his divine nature – 2 Peter 1:4
I am victorious over fear – 2 Timothy 1:7

You need to be prepared for those, “Good Lord it’s morning,” days when you need encouragement. I challenge you to make the effort to get prepared - NOW, not 30 minutes from now. If you are already in a funk you need Hope and Promises now – If you’re not in a funk you need to let your upbeat nature drive you to be prepared for when you are in a funk.

Get the book now. Did I tell you that there is no charge for the book? That’s right. It is my gift to you. You see, I was in a funk this morning until I started encouraging you and now I’m feeling great. I am giving you this gift of Hope and Promises From the Word of God because it encourages me to encourage others.

Get it now – just follow the instructions below.If you are willing to accept that challenge I want to give you a free book. The title is “Hope and Promises From God’s Word.” It contains well over a hundred statements, most of which are accompanied by scripture, concerning who we are in Christ.

To get your copy of this great book simply CLICK HERE

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