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Church in the park
September 27, 2013

Church In The Park

We've talked before about the outreach we started in the park. Last week we had more than 20 people and 5 of them indicated they wanted to receive Jesus as Lord in their Life.

This outreach is one of the most effective we have had, and it is just so simple. Every Sunday morning at 8:30 we show up with coffee and some goodies like muffins and pastries. People start coming by and one by one they begin to stay for the fellowship.

About 9:15 we I announce to everyone standing around that we are beginning our devotion for the day and they gather in to participate.

Each week our devotion is simply the one which is in the Daily God Walk for that day. I'll read the Scripture passage and comment on it. Then I read the devotion paragraph at a time commenting on each paragraph.

Often a discussion will develop out of a thought in the paragraph as the Holy Spirit is directing us. It is amazing how God is working in this simple meeting.

If you want more information about using the Daily God Walk in a small group setting, just email us and we'll be glad to visit with you about that.

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May You Be Blessed With God's Best.

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Build A Small Group Bible Study Using the Daily God Walk

About 30 years ago I dreamed of breaking my Sunday message into 5 or six components and making a daily devotion out of each component.

I never did get around to doing that, But I have continued to have the conviction that everyone needs a tool to help them establish a daily time of devotion.

Just six years ago I got very serious about providing just such a tool for believers. The tool that was birthed in 2007 was the Daily God Walk (DGW) devotional. Today there are many people across America who look forward to receiving their DGW month after month.

Recently we added the Study Guide Edition of the DGW. This edition concludes each devotion with a principle that is brought out in the text of the devotion for that day.

It also includes an affirmation of the principle to help the reader have a focus for their prayer and meditation.

The affirmation is followed by a reflection which serves as a stimulus for thought on the devotion for the day.

The reflection is followed by a section where the reader can journal their thoughts and write what they feel the Lord telling them in their prayer time.

The purpose of this edition is twofold. First, it gives the reader additional motivation to deepen their faith walk. And secondly, it provides a tool to use in small group Bible study.

I use it in three small groups which meet each week and since I began using it I have experienced much less stress over what We'll be discussing because we all have the same material and everyday there is a new devotion, so it doesn't matter what day of the week the group meets there is fresh material for reflection and discussion.

To check out a sample month of the Daily God Walk - Study Guide Edition just click on the link Below:


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