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Church in the Park With Daily God Walk
August 19, 2013

Relationship Evangelism Works

A few months ago Jane, my wife, felt led to have coffee every Sunday Morning in the park that is just a couple of blocks from our house.

This park faces the lake for about three blocks and there are fishermen on the pier every morning. A few weeks before Easter we started offering coffee, muffins and pastries to anyone who came by and Easter Sunday we had our service right there in the park.

A few weeks into this neighborhood ministry we started developing a regular group who came every Sunday Morning for their coffee and pastry.

On Father's day we had our service in the park and offered bisguits and gravy to everyone who came by. That was a big hit among the fishermen.

In that Father's Day service we announced that we would be having a devotion every Sunday during the coffee time. The first Sunday we had two people at the devotion. Over a couple of weeks it grew to 4, then 10, then 12. During July we had between 20 and 25 each week. This week we had 30 people attend our devotion.

Our Sunday Morning meeting has become known as "Church in the Park." Many of the people who attend are homeless, or near homeless, and would not feel comfortable in a traditional church (I'm not all that comfortable in a traditional church anymore myself).

Our meeting is very similar to the other small groups we conduct. We greet each other, visit a little bit, then we read the devotion for the day in the Daily God Walk. We then discuss the devotion and wind it up with prayer.

It's no big production and we don't even have music yet, but God shows up - People are getting saved.

Now we have two services on Sunday morning. The Church in the park and our regular (if you can call what we do "regular") service in the building where the church meets at 11AM.

Two things have happened to make our Church in the Park a reality. The first was Jane's sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the second is having the Daily God Walk as a tool for the devotion every week.

Building relationships through serving and offering the Word of God in a non-threatening environment produces effective evangelism.

We'll keep you updated on the Church in the Park as it develops.

Check out our website for more information on the Daily God Walk and Relationship Evangelism. Click Here To Get Relationship Evangelism

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