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February 05, 2014

A Message From the Lineage of Christ

God Walk News - February 5

An Encouraging Word

I have found something very encouraging in the lineage of Christ. Matthew chapter 1 gives the birth line of Christ going back to Abraham. In that genealogy there are four women mentioned. It is strange enough that women would be mentioned at all, but that these particular women should be mentioned is extraordinary indeed.

The first women mentioned is Tamar. You might recall that she was the woman who dressed as a prostitute to seduce her father-in-law, Judah. Yes, she is mentioned in the lineage of Christ. The next woman mentioned was Rahab. She is mentioned in Joshua as the harlot who hid the spies in Jericho. The third woman mentioned was Ruth, a Moabite and not an Israelite. The fourth woman mentioned was Bathsheba the woman whose husband David had killed to cover his own adultery with her.

Can you see a common thread here? None of these women should be in the lineage of the Christ - yet there they are. And, they are not only there but they are prominently displayed as the only women mentioned. What is the message here?

Is the message being given that Jesus came to seek and to save the lost and he reaches out to the lost causes of this world. I once had a tenant who was a pimp, a drug dealer, and an addict. I wanted to evict him, but every time I prayed about it I felt restrained by the Holy Spirit. On Christmas eve 1996 I found out why. He and his common law wife set in my office and told me they wanted to be saved.

Randy went directly from my office to his home flushed his dope down the toilet, cut his women loose and quit doing drugs all in one day. That was great in itself but the rest of the story is that Randy and Cheryl had AIDS and their four children were HIV positive.

Within a few months Cheryl contracted Pneumonia and was sent home to die. The doctor said she would be dead within 3 days. Her children gathered around her and said, "Momma, pastor said that if we would lay hands on you and pray that Jesus would heal you." I don't remember saying that, but they prayed for her, along with some other members of our congregation, and God raised her up. The rest of the story is that the children are no longer HIV positive and Randy and Cheryl are both healed of aids and living a normal life.

Yes, Jesus did come to seek and save those who needed him most.

Small Groups Rule

This past Sunday it was windy, cold and raining, but we still had about 15 show up for Church in the Park. If fact, it was so cold that we moved the Church In The Park to the Church In The Building. We hold our first service in the park and our second service in the club house of a local mobile home park.

Our focus for both of these groups is intimacy so we try to keep it small. In fact, both groups are growing to the point that we are now planning to appoint leaders of new groups. We feel that the ideal group is about 8-12 people, but you only need two or three to get started.

Sunday was an outstanding time of worship. Because we had both groups together it was a little crowded, but Jesus did show up. At the end of the service when we made the call for salvation about 10 people responded. Jane and I feasted on the afterglow of that service for the rest of the day.

Thank God for the vision of reaching people through building relationships and gathering in small groups to pray together, share one another's joys and disappointments and to study God's word.

Daily God Walk Devotional

We continue to get reports of how the Daily God Walk is helping people be more consistent in their journey of faith. Pastor Jeff Daily of Jesus Christ Fellowship in Middletown, CA recently had us give a short seminar on using this devotional as a tool for small group meetings. He liked the way we have added elements that encourage deeper thought and discussion.

Each month we now have a second page for each daily devotion which includes a principle drawn from the word for that day, an affirmation of the principle, questions and comments for reflection, and a section for journaling thoughts on the devotion.

We have a gift for you When you refer 3 people to join this newsletter list we will send you two books. You will be sent a printed copy of the Daily God Walk for the current month and a printed copy of Tough Times Produce Tough People. Many who have read, "Tough Times Produce Tough People" told us how much it has encouraged them as they were going through some pretty tough trials. You will get a free copy of both of these books when you refer just 3 people to join this list.

The B.I.G. Challenge

The B.I.G. Challenge grew out of a diet program I recently joined. It is the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge This program is simply a 90 day challenge using a healthy protein shake to replace one or two meals. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE BODY BY VI CHALLENGE

I am no stranger to diets, I've been on the best, and I always lose weight. But, my problem is that once the diet is finished I begin to celebrate my success by eating the things I had deprived myself of on the diet. Sound familiar?

As I thought about this diet I realized that most of us who struggle with weight do so because we have only focused on the body part of who we are. We are body, soul and spirit and if we are to be healthy in a holistic way we must become healthy in our body, soul and spirit.

With this in mind I realized that the Body By Vi was a good diet for the body, and the Daily God Walk is a good diet for the soul and spirit. CHECK OUT THE DAILY GOD WALK DEVOTIONAL

What is the B.I.G. Challenge? More about that in our next newsletter, but for now just realize that it integrates material for a healthy body, a healthy soul and a healthy spirit into one consistent program.

The G in B.I.G. is for Group. A major component to having a successful program of holistic health is meeting on a regular basis with a support group like a small group Bible Study. In fact, if you are not yet involved in such a group we have some information to help you. Just go to CHECK OUT SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDY

For those of you who are struggling with behavioral issues like habits you would like to break, addictions, or other undesirable behaviors, we are going to be posting information on how to live in freedom in our next newsletter. For now, if you want more information on recovery issues CHECK OUT GOD WALK - A JOURNEY OF FAITH

Build A Small Group Bible Study Using the Daily God Walk

About 30 years ago I dreamed of breaking my Sunday message into 5 or six components and making a daily devotion out of each component.

I never did get around to doing that, But I have continued to have the conviction that everyone needs a tool to help them establish a daily time of devotion.

Just six years ago I got very serious about providing just such a tool for believers. The tool that was birthed in 2007 was the Daily God Walk (DGW) devotional. Today there are many people across America who look forward to receiving their DGW month after month.

Recently we added the Study Guide Edition of the DGW. This edition concludes each devotion with a principle that is brought out in the text of the devotion for that day.

It also includes an affirmation of the principle to help the reader have a focus for their prayer and meditation.

The affirmation is followed by a reflection which serves as a stimulus for thought on the devotion for the day.

The reflection is followed by a section where the reader can journal their thoughts and write what they feel the Lord telling them in their prayer time.

The purpose of this edition is twofold. First, it gives the reader additional motivation to deepen their faith walk. And secondly, it provides a tool to use in small group Bible study.

I use it in three small groups which meet each week and since I began using it I have experienced much less stress over what We'll be discussing because we all have the same material and everyday there is a new devotion, so it doesn't matter what day of the week the group meets there is fresh material for reflection and discussion.

To check out a sample month of the Daily God Walk - Study Guide Edition just click on the link Below:


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